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Renting in Liverpool

Renting in Liverpool

Cultural and compact, Liverpool city centre provide renters everything from loft-style warehouse conversions to contemporary waterside skyscrapers.

New and shiny or gritty and industrial, take your pick from different developments across this popular northern city’s amazing residential zones. Live in a relaxed spot overlooking the River Mersey or in a buzzy one overlooking streets packed with lots of residents.

Is it expensive to rent in Liverpool?

Based on data from, the rent average in Liverpool is €768 per month, while the median sits lower, at €630 per month. If you are moving from London, keep in mind one thing – average salary is also lower than in the capital, moving around €26,000 a year.

Cost of rental can change, depending on the area you are looking at, with the north side being generally affordable than the south side.

It is very general to live in shared accommodation, mainly if you are a seasonal worker, student, or if you are moving from abroad. You can simply find a room to rent as low as €200 a month. Prices go up to €600 a month, which is not very high if you match it to London.

Types of rentals in Liverpool


Liverpool has an abundance of entertainment and cultural activities along with a long list of shopping centres, restaurants, movie theatres, and anything else university students would be looking for. When family and friends come to visit, you will never run out of things to do in Liverpool. It is a remarkable city to live and study in. That is why it attracts 1000s of students every year.

The average cost of a student room in Liverpool is €110 per week for a one room. Other room types including studios, en-suites, and flats are accessible as well.


Many students and professionals opt to rent their accommodations from either private landlords or leasing agents, which they must actually find themselves. Before you even start thinking about renting a room, house or a flat, be sure to fully understand actually what will be involved.

Many landlords will first need to check to make sure that you have the right documentation to be living in the UK before they will consider a rental or a lease of any type. This will usually include most self-contained houses or flats that can be rented to a sole individual or to a group. Generally the utility bills are paid in addition to the rental payment, although sometimes items like water can also be added, which the contract will stipulate.

Where is a good place to live in Liverpool?

A good place to live in Liverpool

The only issue you can find in the central area of Liverpool is a top demand for flats for rent and apartments. Every person wants to be as near as possible to the services that this city provides and its nightlife, which is concentrated in this area.  The average room price in the center is 460 pounds per month.

Room for rent in Baltic Triangle

Although it was once an area of workshops and factories, today it is one of the top areas where you can stay and find a room to rent. Baltic Triangle is located just ten minutes walk from the nerve centre of the city and also very near to the Albert Dock.

Apartments in Albert Dock

The Albert Dock area is very valued as it is very near to the center and has Grade I and 2 buildings, which means they are pretty prominent. It is a port area on the banks of the River Mersey so lots of people demand these apartments in Albert Dock for their views of both the city centre and the river.

Without a doubt, the heart of Liverpool is one that will provide us the most options when living, since it has all the general services at hand. Neighborhoods near the center may be another option such as Ropewalks or Albert Dock.

Is Liverpool a good place to live?

Liverpool shares all the attributes of any big European city, with its dynamic cosmopolitan culture and remarkable local amenities, while also retaining the advantages of its relatively little size. The centre is simply navigated on foot and the streets are full of life without ever feeling quite as congested as they do in bigger United Kingdom cities. The cost of living is also very amazing: residents in Liverpool earning €30k a year can enjoy a standard of living that would need a salary of €48,890.07.

It is one of the most stunning cities in Europe

Liverpool is criminally underrated in its standing among the most charming historical cities of Britain. Though, it perhaps does not spring to mind as fast as York, Bath, Cambridge, Oxford, or Edinburgh. Liverpool actually deserves to be held in consideration alongside the most remarkable cities in the country.

one of the most stunning cities in Europe

Liverpool is home to many amazing heritage places (collectively called as Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City), placed all through its city centre. The list contains some of its most popular landmarks and beautiful architecture, such as the Royal Albert Dock, Pier Head, and the Ropewalks area.

Elsewhere, Liverpool has lots of lush green areas accessible to explore in any of its 43 parks, with the most peaceful being Sefton Park in the centre and Stanley Park to the north. Sefton Park is the biggest park in the city, with 235 acres of Parkland and the wonderful Palm House, a grade 2 listed Victorian Glasshouse and home to a botanical collection full of exotic and rare plants.

End words

Liverpool is a safe and best place in the UK with big history and national significance and a remarkable place to live or visit at least once in your life. It has the country’s biggest metropolitan areas outside of London, meaning it has plenty to provide in terms of nightlife, culture, foodie hotspots, shops, and more. Definitely, there are some downsides. The risk of criminal damage can be mitigated by taking right precautions like staying alert and not walking alone or on isolated paths where you might feel in danger. Having anti-social behavior sometimes is supportive as well as to push away strangers.

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