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Things to Do in Liverpool

Things to Do in Liverpool

Liverpool is a wonderful city to explore and enjoy, with many things to do and around the city center. From big restaurants to long walks and fun action-packed activities. There are lots of things to do in Liverpool for adults and kids, this page will provide you with a big list of imaginative couple activities to try in the city of Liverpool.

Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool cathedral is the biggest Anglican cathedral in entire Europe and is also one of the most vital buildings in the city. One can get a remarkable view of the city from the top of the 331 ft high tower in the Cathedral.

Liverpool cathedral is a remarkable building and the biggest one in Britain. It is free to visit and enter, but you can book the audio tour and tower tickets for an excellent experience. Sir John Betjeman considered it to be one of the biggest buildings of the planet and it is truly a top class visitor attraction.

Tate Liverpool

The Tate gallery in Liverpool is home to the kingdom collection of modern art in the north. It is placed on the Albert Dock and is within a little walking distance from the heart of the city. It is one of the most explored galleries outside London. The gallery has a lot of unique exhibitions all through the year that combine a lot of artworks from around the planet. Popular artists whose works have been exhibited here in recent times include Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Rene Magritte, and Gustav Klimt. There is also a set of other artwork and you can discover something new on each visit.

The Beatles

The birthplace of the “Fab Tour” the band’s importance in Liverpool and UK music history cannot be understated.

There are lots of Beatles attractions in Liverpool and the top place to begin is the Beatles statue – a fairly new addition to the city and in the show of Liver building, it was donated by the popular Cavern Club and coincided with the fifty years anniversary of the band’s last gig played in the city.

The Cavern club can be found on Mathew Street, and was the heart of the rock and roll universe in Liverpool in the 1960s, regularly hosting the Beatles in their early years. Amazingly, the real Cavern club as advertised no longer exists.

Albert Dock

Albert Dock is one of the best heritage attractions in Britain. It is placed near the riverside and is one of the UNESCO World Heritage places.

Albert Dock

Albert Dock was designed by Jesse Hartley and it opened in 1846. It houses the biggest collection of Grade One listed buildings in the UK and is home to a lot of popular museums and visitor attractions. There are also a lot of restaurants from where people can have dinner. Grab some souvenirs from the street stores while you are here.

City center shopping

Along with the city’s rich history and visitor attraction, the city is host to scores of shopping streets, with all the big retail chains having a presence here.

The newest shopping center, Liverpool One has over 172 stores and is spread over many floors and themed shopping areas – it includes a big outdoor area, complete with a communal sitting place and pop-up exhibitions.

Radio city tower

Radio city tower serves as both an observation tower and radio transmission tower in the heart of Liverpool city center, providing amazing views of the surrounding city. Also called St John’s Beacon, the tower is among the tallest-freestanding structures in the UK.

Standing proudly some four-hundred feet above the heart of the city center of Liverpool, the beacon provides amazing and stunning views of Wirral, Merseyside, Lancashire, North Wales, and as far as Blackpool, the Lake Area and even Snowdonia on clearer days.

Now, radio city tower is a working office structure hosting two big radio stations for the city. The big area of the tower is not open to the public. To get the complete 360-degree wonderful view, it is necessary to skirt the offices for the radio stations, but the view is remarkable and well worth the trip.

Mersey Ferry

For over eight-hundred years, River Mersey in Liverpool, England has permitted visitors to voyage by ferry. Today, commuters still travel by ferry, but it is also a famous tourist activity. With two different cruise voyages to pick from, alongside typical commuter routes, you can decide which voyages top matches your itinerary.

If you pick the longer of the two hours, Manchester Canal ship Cruise, plan to allocate the full day for the journey, since the tour lasts from five to six hours. But, if you would like a little excursion, go for the River Explorer Cruise that is just fifty minutes, as it still highlights some of Liverpool top waterfront sights.

Mersey Ferry

Along the cruise, the ferry’s Blue Badge guides will give live commentary on the rich history surrounding the canal and other nearby spots.  Since it is almost a complete day journey, a range of snacks, food and beverages are accessible for purchase abroad on the ferry. Charge your camera and prepare to rest and soak it all in.

Sefton Park

Sefton Park, opened in 1872, provides insight into the city’s heritage, as well as remarkable views of the seasonal landscape. Visitors can explore the parks landmarks, including the Victorian Palm House conservatory and close by statues, or relax with lots of family-friendly picnic areas and play areas. Explore nature on jogging, cycling, or walking routes, and stop for a nearer look at the parks flora and fauna at the boating lake and fairy glen.

Boasting a big open-air area, many of the city’s biggest events are held in the park including Liverpool Drink and Food Festival, with dates in Autumn and Spring as well as Liverpool international Music Festival, which has seen names as Basement Jaxx perform on a charming summers evening. Aside from sports, kids will love the children playground, which is equipped with climbing frames, swings, slides and a roundabout. The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra has staged concentrates in the area and the Moscow state circus has staged here while touring.

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