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The New Liverpool Landlord Licensing Scheme

The New Liverpool Landlord Licensing Scheme

Private landlords in parts of some cities must get a license for their properties from the local authority. Where have the licensing schemes been started, being planned and how will they work?

For more than a decade, England councils have had the power to ask private landlords to apply for licenses to rent out their properties. Selective licensing schemes are designed to tackle issues such as bad property conditions or antisocial behavior.

Since rule changes in 2015 made it simple to impose license requirements, this kind of scheme has become increasingly famous with local authorities around the country. In July 2018, Nottingham became one of the new to introduce a citywide selective licensing scheme. Meanwhile, Leeds and Brighton are in the process of having similar programs approved.

Selective licensing is already well established in London areas, as well as in Peterborough and Liverpool. Under these schemes, landlords must apply for a license and show that they have complied with certain needs.

Licenses generally last for 5 years, and cost between £400 and £1,000, depending on the license council, generally, a license must be obtained for each property owned. Penalties for landlords who fail to meet the terms can include fines of up to £30,000.

What is the new Liverpool landlord licensing scheme?

A new landlord licensing scheme that will cover in the area of 45,000 private rented homes is being introduced in Liverpool.

Liverpool’s new City Council landlord licensing scheme will cover about 80 percent of privately rented properties in the city.

The new scheme, which runs until April 2027, targets sixteen wards in the city where at least one in 5 homes is owned by a private landlord.

Approximately 45,000 of the 55,000 properties in the real city-wide scheme, which ran from 2015- 2020 are covered, giving the domestic authority greater power to produce revenue from the PRS and potentially better living standards in the sector.

The wards included are: Greenbank, Riverside, Central, Picton, Kensington, StoneyCroft & Tuebrook, County, Prince Park, Anfield St Michael, Old Swan, Kirkdale, Warbreck, Fazakerley, Wavertree, and Everton.

early bird discount for landlords

Landlords signing up before the end of 2022 June, will be offered an early bird discount which will view the total cost of a 5 year license charged at £380 per property, rather than £550.

Rent My Place is on hand to help guide landlords via this process, which also needs them to pay fees. Fees for the landlord licensing scheme will be paid in 2 parts, and depending on what kind of rental property is involved, the cost of the license varies.

How to apply

Applications are made through internet and payment – which covers the 5 years of the schemes is in 2 parts:

  • The primary payment is for the administration required to process and issue license applications, including checks to ensure a license holder is fit and right. Applicants will also need to attach supporting documents such as valid gas safety certificates.
  • The next payment will be requested once the license has been deemed perfect to be granted and leads to check for compliance and the enforcement of license situations.

How can Rent My Place agents help landlords comply with licensing rules?

With so many changes to existing proposals and licensing for new schemes all over the country, landlords will need the help of letting agents to stay on top of their compliance obligations this year.

Landlords will need help from the agents on how much any needed license fee costs, how long it lasts for and if any extra minimum property standards are expected.

On top of this, it is vital for agents to communicate news of any domestic consultations. As well as responding as an agency, it is important that all your landlords are given the chance to shape future policy that will affect them directly.

Support will also be needed when it comes to completing applications, providing match paperwork and meeting deadlines.

Letting agencies like Rent My Place that guide landlords via the time-wasting and hard licensing process can include value and prove their worth as indispensable support for landlords.

Things for landlords to watch out for giving complete information

Ensure you disclose everything that is asked for, mainly related to you being a right and fit person. If your application were rejected, your appeal is likely to have more chances of success.

Things for landlords to watch out for giving complete information

Make sure you comply with all conditions of the license

For example, there will be many health and safety needs you have to satisfy, so ensure you know those and remain compliant by obtaining needed certification and making periodical checks, etc.

Time scale

If your domestic authority is receiving a top number of applicants, there may be an important delay in your license being granted. If you move tenants into the property without having secured a license, you may be liable to prosecution and fines.


Be aware that it is generally not as simple as paying a one-off standard fee. The amount you pay overall to safe your license may vary, depending on:

  • Whether it is a renewal or new application
  • The size of your property
  • Extra training required
  • How many properties you own
  • Whether you are already sign up with another landlord scheme

Keeping your details up to date

You must tell the local authority licensing scheme of any changes in your personal circumstances or the properties you let.

Speak to your domestic authority to find out actually what their present policy is regarding selective and extra licensing and make sure you comply with it. With councils now capable of imposing a civil penalty of landlords of up to £30,000 and issuing ban orders for the worst offenders found to be flouting the law, the series of not meeting the terms of your license situations could be severe and it simply is not worth the risk.

End words: Here at Rent My Place, we provide a complete application completion service for landlords affected by the new licensing Liverpool requirements. Our fee is very low, and we provide discounts for landlords with multiple properties.

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