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    Important Notes for Tenants

    This tenancy agreement is a legal and binding contract and the Tenant is responsible for payment or the rent for the entire agreed term. The agreement may not be terminated early unless the agreement contains a break clause, or written permission is obtained from the Landlord.


    Where there is more than one tenant, all obligations, including those for rent and repairs can be enforced against all of the tenants jointly and against each individually.


    If you are unsure of your obligations under this agreement, then you are advised to take independent legal advice before signing.



    General Notes


    1. This tenancy agreement is for letting furnished accommodation on an assured short-hold tenancy within the provisions of the Housing Act 1988 as amended by part III of the Housing Act 1996. As such, this is a legal document and should not be used without adequate knowledge of the law of landlord and


    1. Prospective tenants should have an adequate opportunity to read and understand the tenancy agreement before signing in order for this agreement to be fully


    1. This agreement may be used for residential tenancies of three years or less. Agreements for tenancies of a longer duration should be drawn up by


    1. Section 11, Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 – these obligations require the Landlord to keep in repair of the structure and exterior of the dwelling, and to keep in repair and proper working order the installations for the supply of water, gas and electricity and the installations in the Property for space heating and heating


    1. Section 196 of the Law of Property Act 1925 provides that a notice shall be sufficiently served if sent by registered or recorded delivery post (if the letter is not returned undelivered) to the tenant at the Property or the last known address of the Tenant or left addressed to the Tenant at the Property.


    1. This agreement has been drawn up after consideration of the Office of fair Trading’s Guidance on Unfair terms in Tenancy
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