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Best Types of Student Accomodation

Best Types of Student Accomodation

Choosing a suitable accommodation for yourself as a student can be a bit confusing. The reason for the confusion is because there are lots of varieties of lodging at your disposal. Your budget, the kind of person you want to leave with, and so many other features are what will determine the type of step you will take. Let’s take a look at some and kind of accommodation you can choose from, their pros and cons.

Uni-owned hall: as a fresher just coming to the campus, the first best accommodation for you is a uni-owned hall. The uni-owned building is easy and convenient, but the convenience you will be getting will depend on your study center. Most of the time, securing this kind of accommodation turns out to be cheap, but the cheapness is not our aim at getting excellent accommodation for your convenience but study.

However, as you look to have a uni-owned hall, you need also to consider your geographical convenience. You will not understand why you need to consider this until you start receiving lectures and realize that coping with study and going back home is not an easy task. But if you plan things well and you can get a uni-owned hall close to your campus, this entire problem won’t affect you.

In a usual uni-owned hall, you will have no other option than to be sharing facilities like kitchen, toilet, and so on with others except your living room. Such an idea is costless, although you will not have full privacy for yourself.

uni-owned hall

One thing that seems to be a big challenge when trying to get a Uni is that there tend to be no-frills in terms of facilities and interiors. Some are well-positioned and serviceable, while some are not encouraging. In this wise, you will need to be careful when getting one for yourself.

Private halls of residence: Private halls tend to be a better option compared to Uni-halls. It gives a more enabling and conducive living environment such as gyms, game rooms, comfy study area, cinema room, and more.

With all these facilities in place, there is no doubt that an excellent private hall residence will be expensive as you will surely enjoy the value of your money. A good and well organized private hall residence puts all their costs in one lump sum for you so that you will be able to put all your mind in one place and settle your bills at once.

Another advantage of getting a private hall is that they are equipped with quality furniture and interiors. Getting a private-hall may be challenging because of the location of your campus, aside from the accessories that you stand to gain, which is the reason for its price, it may not be close to your school. The little that will be close to your campus may be more expensive than the regular price. You need to understand that it gives privacy, a conducive environment, and some other things that will provide you comfort, but if it is not close to your campus, which is undoubtedly a bog challenge.

Flat-share: among students, uni-owned and private halls are the most popular means of accommodation recognized among students, but they are not the only option available to them.

Flat share accommodation gives you optimum privacy and freedom of expression. You are going to be enjoying your facilities all alone without the interference of a third party. If you look to get this kind of accommodation as a student, you will have to buy some of your furniture yourself, although the terms and conditions provided by the landlord must be put into considerations. Also, you will be able to redecorate some parts of the apartment in certain respects to suit your taste.

Flat-share among students

Do not forget that renting such an apartment for private use has its challenges. Such an apartment may require that you sort almost everything needed in it by yourself, and at the same time, you must be ready and able to meet up with your monthly bills and payments. If you are the type that is used to staying alone before applying for a course of study in your desired institution and can afford the bills, this is no doubt the best option for you. But if you are the type that cannot afford to pay these bills, you will be left with no other option than to use any of the previously explained options.

House-share: another way of living your kind of life as a student is to go for a house-share system. It has similar features just as flat share but more advanced in the sense that a whole house will be shared into equal half. Doing this is quite more expensive than flat share, why is because you will be the one to arrange everything by yourself. In this wise, you will have to deal more with the landlord and letting agents have an agreement on how you will be paying your rent, utility bills, and general care bills.


Based on the response gathered from users, they made it known that a House-share system of accommodation is a lot cheaper to run than Flat-share. The reason for the low cost is that more students are involved, and charges are shared among them, and at the same time, there is more space and more facilities to enjoy compared to a flat share. Remember that a flat share will only involve the use of an apartment, which is a small portion of the whole building. If you are looking to get this kind of residence for yourself and colleagues, it is always advisable you get it close to your lecture venue. It will make things a lot easier for you and your housemate making it to school and returning home.


Getting an apartment as a student, most of the times, depends on your budget and taste. But with the explanation above, the House-share system seem to be best of all suggestions. The reason why is because you will be able to share a whole building or half a building with colleagues who have like minds and quarrel less.

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